Press Statement by PM Modi during the visit of PM of Greece to India

Press Statement by PM Modi during the visit of PM of Greece to India

Your Excellency, Prime Minister Mitsotakis ,
Delegates from both countries ,
Friends from the media,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Mitsotakis and his delegation to India. After my visit to Greece last year, his visit to India is a sign of the strengthening strategic partnership between the two countries. And the coming of the Prime Minister of Greece to India after such a long gap, after sixteen years, is a historic occasion in itself.


Our discussions today were very significant and useful. It is a matter of joy that we are rapidly moving towards the target of doubling bilateral trade by 2030. We identified several new opportunities to give new energy and direction to our cooperation. There are many possibilities for closer cooperation between the two countries in the field of agriculture. And I am pleased that both sides are taking steps to implement the agreements reached in this area last year. We emphasized on increasing cooperation in many areas like Pharma, Medical Devices, Technology, Innovation, Skill Development, and Space.

We also discussed connecting the start-ups of both the countries. Shipping and Connectivity are topics of high priority for both the countries. We also discussed increasing cooperation in these areas.


The growing cooperation in defence and security reflects our deep mutual trust. With the formation of a Working Group in this area, we will be able to increase mutual coordination on common challenges like defence, cyber security, counter-terrorism, and maritime security. New opportunities for co-production and co-development are being created in defence manufacturing in India, which can be beneficial for both the countries. We have agreed to link the defence industries of both the countries. India and Greece have common concerns and priorities in the fight against terrorism. We discussed in detail how to further strengthen our cooperation in this area.


As two ancient and great civilizations, India and Greece have a long history of deep cultural and people-to-people ties. For almost two and a half thousand years, people of both the countries have been exchanging trade and cultural relations as well as ideas.

Today we identified several new initiatives to give a modern form to these relations. We discussed concluding the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement between the two countries as soon as possible. This will further strengthen our people-to-people relations.

We also emphasized on promoting cooperation between higher education institutions of the two countries. We have decided to prepare an Action Plan to celebrate the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Greece next year. With this, we will be able to showcase the common heritage, and achievements of both the countries in science and technology, innovation, sports, and other fields on the global stage.


In today’s meeting, we also discussed many regional and international issues. We agree that all disputes and tensions should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. We welcome Greece’s active participation and positive role in the Indo-Pacific. It is a matter of joy that Greece has decided to join the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative. There has also been agreement for cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Launched during India’s G-20 chairmanship, the IMEC corridor will contribute significantly to the development of humanity in the long run.

Greece can also become an important partner in this initiative. We agree to reform the UN and other global institutions so that they can be made contemporary. India and Greece will continue their efforts to contribute to global peace and stability.


This evening you will participate in the Raisina Dialogue as the Chief Guest. We are all eager to hear your address there. I thank you very much for your visit to India and our fruitful discussion.

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