PM’s statement ahead of Monsoon session of Parliament, 2023

PM’s statement ahead of Monsoon session of Parliament, 2023

Namaskar, friends!

Welcome all of you to the Monsoon Session (of Parliament). The holy month of Sawan is underway, and this time Sawan will run for two months, making its duration a bit longer. The month of Sawan is considered highly auspicious for sacred resolutions and deeds. Today, as we gather in the temple of democracy during this holy month of Sawan, there cannot be a better opportunity for the temple of democracy to undertake numerous sacred tasks. I believe that all respected Members of Parliament will come together and make the most beneficial use of this session for the welfare of the people.

It is essential to discuss in detail the responsibilities of Parliament and every Member of Parliament in enacting various laws. The more extensive and critical the discussions, more far-reaching decisions can be made for the welfare of the people. The hon’ble MPs who come to the House are deeply rooted to the ground, understanding the sorrows and pains of the people. When they contribute to the discussion, their thoughts are rooted in the welfare of the nation, making the debates rich and the decisions powerful and result-oriented. Therefore, I urge all political parties and esteemed MPs to utilize this session to the fullest and take forward the works for the betterment of the public.

This session holds immense importance in various ways because the bills being introduced in this session directly relate to the welfare of the people. For our young generation, which is leading the digital world, the Data Protection Bill, particularly, is of great significance in this digital age, as it aims to instil a new sense of confidence in every citizen and elevate India’s reputation on the global stage. Similarly, the National Research Foundation is a major step in the context of the new education policy, which will empower research, innovation, and provide opportunities for our youth to lead the world through new initiatives and capabilities.

Jan Vishwas bill is a significant step towards instilling confidence in the general public and decriminalizing various laws. Similarly, provision is being made in the bill to abolish out-dated laws and promote dialogue and mediation to resolve disputes, which has been a tradition in our country for centuries. Bringing the Mediation Bill in this session provides a strong legal basis for the long-standing tradition of mediation, which will help resolve not only ordinary disputes but also complex and uncommon situations through mutual discussions. Additionally, the Dental Mission Bill is expected to establish a new system for dental colleges concerning medical students.

Several crucial bills are coming to Parliament in this session, and they are in the interest of the public, the youth, and for India’s bright future. I have confidence that we will take forward important steps towards the welfare of the nation through serious deliberations on these bills in this session.


Today, as I stand among you in the temple of democracy, my heart is filled with sorrow and anger over the incident in Manipur. This incident is a shameful act for any civilized society. The perpetrators of this sin, the wrongdoers, whoever they are, the entire nation is feeling ashamed. 140 crore citizens are feeling embarrassed. I appeal to all Chief Ministers to strengthen law and order in their states, especially taking stringent steps to ensure the safety and protection of our mothers and sisters. Whether the incident happens in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, or Manipur, in any corner of India, in any state government, rising above political disputes and maintaining the significance of the rule of law and the respect for women is crucial. I want to assure the citizens of this country that no wrongdoer will be spared. Every step will be taken to ensure law forcefully with all its might. What has happened to the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven.

Thanks a lot, friends.

DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s statement. Original statement was delivered in Hindi.

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