PM Modi’s statement before the start of special session of Parliament

PM Modi's statement before the start of special session of Parliament

Namaskar, friends!

With the success of the Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-3 has our Tricolour flag flying high. Shivshakti Point has become the center of new inspiration, and the Tiranga Point fills us with pride. When such achievements happen in the world, they are seen in conjunction with modernity, science, and technology. And when this capability is showcased to the world, it brings numerous possibilities and opportunities to India’s doorstep. The unprecedented success of the G20, welcoming leaders from across the world at more than 60 venues, brainstorming sessions,  a living experience of the federal structure in true spirit, G20 itself became a celebration of our diversity and uniqueness. India will always take pride in being the voice of the Global South within the G20. Developments like permanent membership for the African Union and the unanimous G20 Declaration signal a bright future for India.

Yesterday, Yashobhoomi, an international convention centre, was dedicated to the nation. It was also Vishwakarma Jayanti yesterday, celebrating the traditional skills of India’s Vishwakarma community. Training, modern tools and financial management with a fresh approach are enhancing India’s Vishwakarma capabilities, contributing to the country’s development journey. These events have created an atmosphere of celebration, enthusiasm, and confidence, instilling a new sense of self-belief in all of us across the nation. At the same time, this session of Parliament, in this new setting, is significant. It may be a short session, but it holds great importance in terms of historical decisions. It marks the beginning of a new phase in India’s 75-year journey. The position at which the journey took 75 years was a very inspiring moment. And now while taking that journey forward, we have to make this country a developed country in 2047 with new resolve, new energy, new faith and within the time limit. All the decisions in the near future will be made in this new Parliament building. Therefore, this session is crucial in many ways.

I urge all honorable members to make the most of this short session, imbued with enthusiasm and positivity. There is enough time to make charges and counter charges. Some moments in life fill us with excitement and hope. I see this short session in that light. I hope that we will all enter the new Parliament with the best of intentions leaving behind the old negatives, and we will leave no stone unturned in enhancing the values in the new Parliament. This is a crucial moment for all honorable members to take this pledge.

Tomorrow is the sacred festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha is considered the remover of obstacles, and now there will be no obstacles in India’s development journey. India will fulfil all dreams and resolutions in an obstacle-free manner. Therefore, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, this new beginning will help realise all the dreams of India. That’s why this session may be short, but it is of great value.

Thank you very much.

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